For South Australia, Northern Territory Christmas Eve and New Year's eve are part-day public holidays (currently 7:00 pm to Midnight) and possibly soon to be Queensland for Christmas Eve.

The recommended way to handle this in ClockOn is to use Special rates. You do not need to set up anything in the global calendar in the system settings for half-day public holidays

NOTE: Your roster officer may need additional access to apply and modify special rates.


Setting up half-day public holidays is a 2-step process

  1. Setting up and applying the special rate to the employees
  2. Applying the Part-Day Public Holiday (Penalty) to the appropriate rostered shifts/timesheets


Setting this up and applying special rates

  1. Navigate to Setup > Rate Schedules
  2. Double click on the rate set you need to add the half-day public holiday to. You will need to manually add this to all of the rate schedules if you have more than just the default. If there are none then add a default rate set
  3. Click on the Special Rates tab
  4. Click on the Add button
  5. In the new special rate add the following
    1. Name: example - Part-Day PH (Penalty)
    2. Type: Percent
    3. Rate: The correct % for the penalty rate eg 250%
  6. Save the rate set.
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 for each rate schedule that you have.
  8. If your employees don't have special rates assigned to them, please go to the Employees Details screen and on the Pay tab assign the appropriate rate set.

Applying the public holiday penalty for part of a shift

Below are 2 options on how to add the penalty rate for the part of the shift.

  1. Via the Rosters
  2. Via the Timesheets

Using the rosters to apply half-day public holidays

  1. Navigate to the rosters and roster period with the public holiday
  2. Select the day by clicking on the date at the top of the roster
  3. From the View tab click on the timeline with zoom icon
  4. For each shift that you need to apply the penalty to right-click and select Rates > Pre-Defined (part shift) > Part-Day PH (Penalty) (Percent) - or whatever you named it.
  5. This then creates a section on the shift with the special rate that is applied. Click and drag this to the end of the shift.

  6. Once the special rate has been added to the end of the shift hover on the start of the special rate and drag it to the start time on the public holiday (19:00)
  7. Hovering back over the shift will show you the rate that you have applies and for how long.
  8. Save the rosters and when you enter into Payroll this will apply the 205% penalty.

Using the Timesheets to apply half-day public holidays

  1. Navigate to the Timesheets
  2. Select the employee who you need to add the Public holiday to.
  3. Double click on the Timesheet that you need to apply the special rate too.
  4. Click on the Rates icon at the top of the timesheet details window
  5. Click on the Add button
  6. Select Add using custom times
  7. Edit the Start time (19:00 in this example) that the penalty will begin
  8. Select the Special Rate and he Type and Rate will be automatically added
  9. Click on Save
  10. Close the timesheet and repeat for each employees timesheet