Question: Staff have reported an enrolment expired message when they clocking times the scanner terminal.



As an additional security feature, the Suprema series units have an option within their configuration to allow the users to set an expiry date for the enrolments. This feature was designed primarily for the door control functionality in mind and has not been surfaced in ClockOn as the system is designed to use the staff member's employment status to determine this.

Up until recently the enrolment expiry setting this was set to 01/01/2020, as such if nothing is done to correct this clock times for staff will not be recorded correctly pass this date.

We have released an update with this option is disabled to allow existing employee enrolments to work as per normal as well as prevent this from re-occurring in the future.

To apply this fix the following steps will need to be performed.

  • Step 1: Ensure that you have the latest update of ClockOn (Build 298 or above)
    Confirming your ClockOn Version and Build

  • Step 2: Correct the user for the terminal Admin login

    1. Open the Terminal manager

    2. Click to select the terminal with the issue and click the Edit button

    3. Make a change to the Name option, this will enable the Save button, Click to save the terminal information.

  • Step 3: Correct the staff enrolments

    1. Open the Enrolment manager

    2. Click the Synchronise button and wait for the process to complete.

    3. Request that staff member to re-attempt their finger scan and ensure that it is working as intended.

If you have any further issues with this please contact our support team at