This article addresses the following frequently asked questions that relate to how to use the Xero Integration within ClockOn.

The following items are covered in this guide

  1. How to connect to Xero
  2. How to disconnect from Xero
  3. What does this integration do?

1 - How to connect to Xero

To Integrate and connect to Xero for manual journal records, please refer to this article on connecting to Xero

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2 - How to disconnect from Xero

If you wish to change or no longer want to use the integration you can disconnect from Xero using the following steps.

  1. Select the Setup menu from the main ClockOn screen.
  2. Then select the Location icon to launch the locations manager.

  3. Select a location from the list and select the Edit button.

  4. Select the Integration tab at the top and then press the ellipses button to create a new connection.

  5. Press the Disconnect button.

  6. Accept the changes and press the Yes button.


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3 - What does this integration do?

The integration to Xero allows users to be sent from ClockOn to Xero without having to manually enter the data in a clean and accurate way. The connection is established by the user entering their Xero details via a secured channel, then secured tokens are used to communicate from that point so the user no longer has to enter data. The current version of ClockOn allows for users to manually push manual journal records to Xero.


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