Question - My employees are getting their payslips but the currency is set to the pounds instead of dollars. Can this be fixed?


ClockOn uses the system date time and currency settings to determine how the information is shown to the users, this includes whether you are using the 12-24 hour time format, your date format, and also your currency format.

We have encountered an issue where Windows has defaulted these settings in the background for the SYSTEM user to use the alternate format.

Please note: The following procedure requires that you make changes to the Windows Registry. ClockOn strongly recommends that you get assistanance from an IT provider to preform this fix as an incorrect change to this can result in other issues on the machine.

To correct this you will need to modify settings in the registry on the ClockOn Server.

  1. Identify the ClockOn Server machine.
  2. Open the Windows registry by running the regedit.msc tool 
  3. Do a search for the text sCurrency.
  4. Manually modify the region/language settings for each instance of sCurrency (the instances relate to the individual users on the system, including the administrator and inbuilt system users).

The following represents an example of a valid regional/language settings for Australia.