We have had a number of FAQ queries in regards to the Single Touch Payroll (STP) system for customer processing their payroll information to the ATO.

Please note that this document relates to frequently asked questions around the STP Submision system, If you need assistance with how to set this up in your system, please refer to the listing of Single Touch Payroll knowledge base article.

Included in this document is information regarding the following items:

  1. Why is my ATO portal is missing a Payroll?
  2. What is ClockOn's software ID for STP?
  3. I need to set an email for STP, how can I do this?

We will endeavor to update this list as we receive additional information. 

Why is my ATO portal is missing a Payroll?

The STP submission does not include the amounts per payroll per employee but rather updates the employee`s Year to Date (YTD) amounts for the entirety of the current financial year.


If you had an employee that has not been processed through STP and has already had been paid $50,000 in the current financial year, then you payroll'd them for an additional $1,000 and uploaded their STP information, the amount that the ATO is being advised on is $51,000 not the $1,000 for that individual payroll.

The STP upload does contain header information which includes the amount processed in this payroll which may not reconcile back to other systems if for example a payroll is not submitted, in order to correct this you have a few options.
  1. Use your previous method of reporting your BAS information to the ATO to include the missing payroll.
  2. Contact the ATO and advise them on the issue to make the change at their end.
  3. If the missed payroll is older than two months, modify the date\time within Windows on your computer back to the date in question to allow the period to show within the ClockOn STP wizard. This is because ClockOn only shows the un-submitted payrolls for the previous two months in the drop-down. 

Please be aware that option 3 is a workaround and that if you choose to do this you will need to submit an additional STP payroll for all the employees in question prior to EOFY to ensure that their YTD values are updated to the correct amounts. Be aware that employees that have been terminated between the old date and the current date may be incorrectly set and an STP Employee Update will need to be processed.

For more information see: https://clockon.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/51000000792-single-touch-payroll-auto-employee-update

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What is ClockOn's software ID for STP?

ClockOn does not require a Software ID to report to the ATO via STP. 

A Software ID is only required if you are reporting your software is reporting STP directly to the ATO. Certain (online) hosted Standard Business Reporting (SBR) enabled business/accounting software can notify the ATO that, for the purpose of its transactions with the ATO via the SBR channel, it sends and receives those transactions to the ATO in their hosted software environment. 


ClockOn does not transmit STP data to the ATO this way, it connects with a gateway provider (OzEdi) and they pass that transaction to the ATO via the SBR channel using their AUSKey.

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I need to set an email for STP, how can I do this?

As of the  21st of June 2021, the ATO has now added a requirement for STP submissions to also include an Email address.

This setting can be found in the Location Details screen > Email tab as shown below.

Please be aware that as of ClockOn build 328 you will need to have a value in this field in place before you can do a successful submission.  

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