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  1. Confirming your ClockOn Version and Build
  2. Manually Updating ClockOn

Version 5.0.0, Build 329 - Release date 12/07/2021

  • STP Allowance Submissions For EOFY
    Fixed an issue where allowances set to the PAYG 'Other' type were combining with the JobKeeper-Topup allowances. Customers with this scenario are recommended to re-submit their EOFY using the STP EOFY update process after the update has applied to indicate to them that these are separate amounts.

  • Employee YTD Screen
    A fix has been applied for an issue where the PAYG allowances were not visible for previous financial years from the Employee YTD screen.

  • PAYG Allowances At Payroll
    Fixed an issue where if PAYG allowances were turned off at payroll, the pre-set amounts for the disabled allowances were not being paid to staff but were being included in the STP submissions.

Version 5.0.0, Build 328 - Release date 30/06/2021

  • Important - Email Address Requirement for STP Submissions.
    The ATO has advised that from the 21st of June 2021 they now require a location-based email address to be sent along with all submissions, ClockOn already has this feature however will now mandate it as a requirement before submitting. for instructions on how to check your system, please see the Single Touch Payroll FAQ.

  • STP Submissions for DirectorFees
    Corrected an issue where directors fees were not submitting using the instructions in the EOFY FAQ document.

  • STP Reporting
    Adjusted the report to use the company name as defined in the location details screen, rather than the location name for the "STP Employee Summary" report.

Version 5.0.0, Build 326 - Release date 15/06/2021

  • Important - New tax tables for the 2021-22 financial year.
    The ATO has released the details for the new tax schedules for the 2021-22 financial year. These new tax schedules will be automatically applied to payrolls run in the new financial year.

  • Biometric Terminal Enrollment Process
    Corrected an Identified Issue. Once this update has been applied, the additional step to use the "Synchronise" button will no longer be required.

  • STP Updates
    Various STP formatting changes have been applied to satisfy the ATO's requirements.

Version 5.0.0, Build 324 - Release date 11/05/2021

  • STP Leave Payout Correction
    Fixed an issue where an error was occurring when saving STP information if an employee had a lump sum A termination payout.

  • Timesheet Import Changes
    Added the ability to include roles on the timesheet import.

Version 5.0.0, Build 323 - Release date 03/05/2021

  • Penalties Paid on Leave Types
    Corrected an issue from build 321 where penalties were being paid on timesheet leave types regardless of if this was disabled within the rulesets.

Version 5.0.0, Build 322 - Release date 27/04/2021

  • Payroll Rollback Fix
    Corrected an issue with the last release where the payroll roll-back failed to run if there was only one payroll in the system for one of the employees

Version 5.0.0, Build 321 - Release date 27/04/2021

  • IMPORTANT - STP Submissions
    Due to a change to the STP process, this update is necessary for customers to continue to submit STP through the ClockOn system. If you are a self-hosted customer and are yet to receive this from the release date, you can prompt it using the information in the Manually Updating ClockOn article.

  • Changes to the EOFY process
    As of this financial year, we are retiring the PAYG summary and PAYG validation wizards, in favour of the STP submission process. This means that the customers will no longer be able to generate PAYG summaries from the ClockOn software for the current and future years.

    To compensate for this, we have introduced new STP reporting that can be provided to the employees if needed from the STP wizard and/or directly from the ClockOn Reports.

    You will still be able to re-generate your PAYG summaries for previous years.

    Please see the Processing EOFY through ClockOn guide for more details on the new process.

  • Contractor Setup Changes
    From the commencement of STP Phase 2, contractors will need additional setup if they are to be excluded from this process. Please refer to the updated Configuring Contractors article for more information

  • Added options for Working Holiday Makers
    From the commencement of STP Phase 2 employees classed as Working Holiday Makers will require additional setup for more information please see the Configuring Working Holiday Makersarticle for more information.
  • Added Field On the Employee Details Screen For The Employee's Gross Pay Type (Income Type)
    New field required for STP phase 2, to allow for the specification of the employee's Gross Pay Type.

    For more information as to the definitions of these types please refer to the Pay Tab - Configuring Employee Pay Structure article.

  • Added New Fields For Medicare Reduction and Dependants
    New field required for STP phase 2, to allow for the specification of the Medicare Reduction and dependants for the employee onboarding.

    For more information as to the definitions of these types please refer to the Pay Tab - Configuring Employee Pay Structure article.

  • Employee Year-To-Date Changes
    There have been several changes to the look of the employee YTD screen
    1. Added an Opening Balances section, this allows for YTD values from previous systems to be added directly into the system without the need for additional payrolls. This is to allow for payslips with the correct YTD values regardless of payments in previous systems.

      The user can choose to either include or exclude these YTD values from their STP submissions.

    2. Changes to the YTD User Interface to split the detail into three separate tabs to allow for new features and more detail.
      • Tab 1 - Shows the employees yearly earnings,
      • Tab 2 - Shows additional items including overtime, child support, and leave payments
      • Tab 3 - Shows the listing of PAYG allowances currently listed against the employee.

    3. Employees are no longer restricted to 4 PAYG allowances on the YTD screen.

    4. Overtime is now specifically tracked as a YTD item.

    5. Reportable Super Contributions (RSEC) will now update progressively to the YTD per payroll, rather than only be calculated at the time of an STP submission.

    6. Salary sacrifice is now tracked as a YTD item.

    7. Super salary sacrifice is now tracked as a YTD item.

    8. Workers Compensation now shows as a separate amount.

    9. Child support and garnishee tract are shown as a separate amount.

    10. All paid leave (excluding Paid Parental leave and Workers Compensation) is now tracked on the YTD screen as "Other Paid Leave".

    11. The Final Payroll Indicator can now be toggled from the YTD screen, if turned off and an STP event is performed the employee will no longer be considered tax ready for the ClockOn component on their MyGov portal.

            For more information please see the Viewing Employee Year-to-Date Earnings article.

  • Paid Parental Leave
    There is now a timesheet leave type for Paid Parental Leave, this removes the need to assign the employee to a new ruleset for these payments.

    Important - Please note that the system will not automatically apply a changed hourly rate for these timesheets. As such you will still either need to apply a special rate to the timesheets in question or adjust the employee's hourly rate according to the rate that they are to receive the payments on.

    Timesheets assigned to this leave type will process with the following conditions.
    1. They WILL accrue Long Service Leave if the accrual is set to process in Weeks,
    2. They WILLNOT accrue Long Service Leave if the accrual is set to process in Hours,
    3. They WILLNOT receive Super,
    4. They WILL NOTaccrue Annual leave, 
    5. They WILL NOTaccrue Personal leave,
    6. They WILL NOT receive Overtime rates,
    7. They WILL NOT receive Penalty rates.

            For more detail on the setup and processing for Paid Parental Leave, please see the following article.
            Paid Parental Leave

  • Allowance Changes
    1. New items added to the allowance screens for Employer Salary Sacrifice and Child Support
    2. General cleanup on the list of available types

           For more detail on the setup and processing of allowances, please see the following article.
  Adding Individual Allowances to Employees

  • Employee Termination Reason
    When setting an employee for termination, you are now required to specify the reason for the termination from a preset dropdown, this is in preparation for STP phase 2 submissions.

    For more detail please refer to the Setting an Employees for Termination article

  • Biometric Terminal Improvements
    Improvements to the speed of the scanner enrollment and terminal synchronise speeds.

  • Message Centre STP jobs
    Corrected a display issue that prevented the date filters from working correctly while viewing the STP jobs from the message centre