The End of the Financial (EOFY) year can be a stressful time of year for most businesses and organizing your end-of-year reporting for your employees only adds to the task that you and your payroll team need to perform. 

To make this process as easy as possible ClockOn provides a simple way to send the information to the ATO as well as reporting to assist you with your checks and balances to ensure that you know what you are processing.

This article includes the following

  1. Preparing For EOFY In ClockOn
  2. Submitting EOFY Through ClockOn
  3. Regenerating PAYG Summaries for years prior to STP

We also suggest that you also have a look at our EOFY FAQ guide as it has useful information for questions that we have had in the past relating to this time of year.

Preparing For EOFY In ClockOn

  1. Verify that you are using the latest release of ClockOn 
    Ensure that you are on the latest release of ClockOn prior to commencing the EOFY process. You can confirm this by viewing our Release Notes article and comparing the ClockOn Build Number to your system.

    If you are not on the latest version and are a self-hosted customer, follow the steps in the Manual Updating ClockOn article, note that these steps will need to be done from your ClockOn server.

  2. Verify Your Location Details 
    Ensure that you check/verify the details within the Locations Manager to confirm that the site detail is correct.

  3. Confirm That You Have Processed Your Final Payroll For The Financial Year
    The Payment Date will determine which financial year that the amounts for that payroll will reside.

  4. Check Your Reporting
    Use the ClockOn reporting to confirm your employee payroll submission figures are correct.
    To do this we recommend using the reports listed in the EOFY FAQ article.

If you have questions or queries in regards to the EOFY process please see our EOFY FAQ help guide.

Submitting EOFY Through ClockOn

The next step is to perform an STP employee update event to finalize your employees for the financial year to the ATO. To do this please follow the instructions in the following help guide; Single Touch Payroll (STP) - EOFY Submission.

Please note: As per the ATO individual payment summaries are no longer required to be issued to staff, as such the PAYG Validation and PAYG Wizard screens have been removed from the system.

That being said you are still able to produce and or email documentation pertaining to the employee's financial year balances for the employees via the last step on the as detailed in the Single Touch Payroll (STP) - EOFY Submission article.

Regenerating PAYG Summaries for years prior to STP (2020 and prior)

You are still able to re-print the PAYG summaries for years prior to STP (2020) from the system. 

To do this use the PAYG Wizard to generate the employee's manual PAYG summaries.

NOTE: The PAYG Wizard is designed to act as a guide only. It is the Administrator's responsibility to determine how payment summaries are to be submitted to the Australian Taxation Office, that the values are correct and that all statutory regulations are complied with. Final figures produced via the PAYG Wizard should be independently verified.