The End of Financial (EOFY) year can be a stressful time of year for most businesses and organise the PAYG summaries for your employees only adds to the task that you and your payroll team need to perform. ClockOn has a number of step through wizards to help you with this process.

The following instructions with help guild you through the EOFY process within ClockOn. This guide will help you with Preparing your ClockOn Data ready for EOFY processing, Processing your last payroll for the financial year, how to Validate the data for the PAYG summaries, Submitting your STP details to the ATO and your employees. Plus a couple of other tips to help with finalising your payroll for the year.

NOTE: The PAYG Wizard is designed to act as a guide only. It is the Administrator's responsibility to determine how payment summaries are to be submitted to the Australian Taxation Office, that the values are correct and that all statutory regulations are complied with. Final figures produced via the PAYG Wizard should be independently verified.

The steps to prepare for EOFY in ClockOn

  1. Verify that you are using the latest release of ClockOn
    It is recommended that you are on a recent release of ClockOn (at least 308), prior to doing the EOFY process. You can check your current build by following the instructions in the Confirming your ClockOn Version and Build guide. If you are not on the latest build, you can do a Manual Update Check from your ClockOn server.

  2. Verify Your Location Details 
    We recommend that you check/verify the details within the Locations Manager to confirm that the site detail is correct.

  3. Process The Final Payroll For The Financial Year
    Please note that the Payment Date will determine which financial year that the amounts for that payroll will reside, please take care when setting this value.

  4. Run The EOFY Validation Wizard
    The EOFY Validation Wizard is used to confirm that the employee details are valid and ready for submission.

  5. Run The EOFY Wizard
    The EOFY Wizard is used to generate the employee's manual PAYG summaries and can be used to re-produce reporting for years prior to STP.

  6. Finalize Through STP
    Process the EOFY STP submission using the instructions within the following help guide Single Touch Payroll (STP) - EOFY Submission

If you have further questions or queries in regards to the EOFY process please view our EOFY FAQ help guide.

Useful YTD Reconciliation Reports

Below is a list of the useful reports that can be run if you require further reconciliation for the EOFY. Run all of the reports the Current Financial Year when selecting the periods. On the Superannuation report tick all of the Super Reporting Months that fit into the financial year.


PAYG Summary (YTD adjustments, compact)

This report will give you all the totals for the financial year and also show any YTD adjustments that have been made in the payroll.

Payroll Summaries – Payroll allowances/deductions (Adjustment Roll-up)

For this report select all of the allowances/deductions that are not included in the gross wages and are to be set as allowances on the PAYG summaries. You can then check the allowance amount and also 

Superannuation fund summary (Payment type)

This report will show you, by the Superannuation fund, the split of the employer contributions, super salary sacrifice and co-contribution amounts.