Auto alerts are generated when an employee fails to:

  1. Clock times on or off within the designated shift or 
  2. Clock times on or off within the break alert window. (Set in the Rulesets)
If enabled, an email message containing up-to-date attendance records is forwarded to a nominated Administrator. This will only occur if the Auto Alert Check field is not set to 00:00. In the event of the message not being delivered, it is referred to an alternate (Reply Email) address, which acts as a backup.

Please note that this function will only operate when SMTP mail services are available if a change in these details is made (such as an update to the email password) the alerts will no longer be sent until it has also been corrected within ClockOn.

Setting up the Auto Alerts

  1. To Access the System Setup screen you will need to ensure that all other ClockOn Windows are closed. Navigate to Setup > System Setup
  2. Click on the Other Tab

  3. Add Ensure that the Email Settings have been entered into the system. 
    For more information on this please refer to the Configuring Email Settings for Payslips and Rosters guide.

  4. Set the Auto Alert Check time for often the system will run its checks in the background.
    Please note that setting this to midnight (00:00) will disable the function