Auto alerts are generated when an employee fails to:

  1. Clock on or off within the designated shift or 
  2. Clock on or off within the break alert window. (Set in the Rule sets)
If enabled, an email message containing up-to-date attendance records is forwarded to a nominated Administrator. This will only occur if the Auto Alert Check field is not set to 00:00. In the event of the message not being delivered, it is referred to an alternate (Reply Email) address, which acts as a backup.

The function only operates when SMTP mail services are available (multiple email addresses are available from a devoted mail server running Outlook or similar).

Setting up the Auto Alerts

  1. To Access the System Setup screen you will need to ensure that all other ClockOn Windows are closed. Navigate to Setup > System Setup
  2. Click on the Other Tab 
  3. Add all of the required Email Settings. For More information on Setting up the email settings please click here...
    • Send From: Defines the Administrator to which the Auto Alert will be directed in the first instance, that is, where you would like your emails to come from. It is used in ClockOn when emailing PAYG summaries, payslips and rosters.
    • Reply Email: Defines the alternative address to which the Auto Alert will be sent in the event of failure of delivery of the original message.
    • SMTP Server: This can be entered as either the IP address or DNS name of the mail server. An example of a DNS name for Telstra's mail server is This is the mail server that requests are sent to.
    • SMTP Port: This is the port number that ClockOn will use to communicate with the nominated SMTP Server. The default standard port is 25, but can be changed if required.
    • SSL/TLS Support: This defines the encryption mode that is to be used.
    • Delay: This is used to slow down the send of emails so that there is a delay between each email sent.  The reason for this is that some servers detect emails as spam if they are received in bulk.
    • User Name: When connecting to an SMTP server it is sometimes required to enter credentials to allow that connection. If this is the case, enter the User name. the user name allows access to the server.
    • Password: If required, enter the password of the User name that is making the connection. Then confirm the password has been entered correctly.  The password if for access to the server.
      NOTE: ClockOn currently supports Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail/live.
  4. Ensure that the Email setting are set up and set the Auto Alert Check time for often the system runs it's checks (00:00 will disable the function)