Recommended Setup to help Rostering

To successfully create a roster in ClockOn you will need to check that the following tasks have been completed

  • Adding specific functional roles by location e.g. register operator or cleaning duties. (See: Location Manager - Roles)
  • Defining a suitable master list of qualifications e.g. Bachelor of Business Administration, Key Holder, Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate, Retail Induction Course or Cash Clearance Certificate. (See: Qualifications - Adding/Editing for a Role)
  • Assigning roles and qualifications to employees. (See: Roles & Qualifications Tab)
  • Construction of rosters. (See: Rosters)


Whereas roles are stored by location, qualifications are not. Qualifications are stored in a master list for the entire organisation and generally reflect:

  • Employee specific skills.
  • Achievement levels.
  • Training levels.
  • Tertiary or trade based qualifications.

Once roles and qualifications have been defined, they are assigned to employees. Qualifications may include an expiry date and/or a scanned digital image. (See: Roles & Qualifications Tab)