Before you can email out payslips to your employees there are a couple of setup tasks that you need to make sure that you have complete. These are:

  1. Ensure that the each employees Personal tab has an email address added and also an email password. This password is encrypted once the payslip is sent from clock on
    NOTE: If you update the password please beware that this won't update the password on any already sent passwords. You will need to resend the payslip to used the new password
  2. You will also need to ensure that ClockOn is setup to be able to email out the payslips. For more information on Email Settings for Payslips see: Configuring Email Settings for Payslips and Rosters

Emailing Payslips

  1. Navigate to Reports > Payroll Reports
  2. From the View drop down menu select either Payroll Reports (Payroll Series 1) or Payroll Reports (Payroll Series 2)
  3. Double click on the payslip that you want to send
    TIP: If you are unsure about what the payslip looks like you can single click on the payslip name and click on the Sample icon. Also once you find the payslip that you like tick the box in the Favourites column to add it to your favourite reports list
  4. In the Report Options page select the pay Period
  5. Click on Load to load the pay period
    NOTE: All of Payroll ID's for that period will be loaded 
  6. Click on the Email button
  7. A list of employees will show with the email addresses that the payslips will be sent to
  8. Click on Send.
    NOTE: Only employee who have a payslip for that period will be sent a payslip 
  9. As the emails are being sent the boxes in the Sent column will ticked. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen will give you some feedback on the progress
  10. Once all the payslips are sent the notification in the bottom right will read Email processing completed successful. X email send. The data in the Last Send columns will also have updated.
  11. Click on Close 

If you would like to check that the payslips have been send you can read: Checking emails are sent