If you are using the offline version of MYOB and would like to import a Journal File into the system a file can be exported from ClockOn anytime for any previously processed payroll

Before proceeding you will need to ensure that you have followed the procedure within the article Location Manager - Adding/Editing Department Accounts to add in the account codes for the departments to link the costings to matchup to your MYOB accounts.

From there you are able to follow the steps below to generate the file

  1. Select the Payroll tab, Create Journal File.

  2. In the Export manager window that opens click on the Export icon

  3. In the Export Options window select the pay period that you want to create the journal file for, Click the Load button, then click OK to continue.

  4. The Journal export file will be created for the payroll period that has just processed and saved to the preset File Location as shown below. If you need assistance with how to adjust the save location please view the following article Editing an Export.

    If the export was successful you will have a note below indicating that it successfully wrote records to the file.

  5. From there the file is ready to be imported into MYOB, locate it on the disk using the file location as indicated above. From the example above the file path would be "C:\Exports\MYOB Journal.csv", from there you will need to follow the instructions provided by MYOB to import the file to your system.