From time to time you might look the secret key to be able to set up Two Factor Authentication (2FA). So, unless you haven't backed up your authentication code from your web browser then you will need to regenerate or recreate the secret key that is required to set up the 2FA apps. In order to to do this you will need to disable 2FA for the particular employee and they will need to re-setup the 2FA. This re-setup will regenerate the secret key got you to then use it to set up the authentication app. 

For help re-setting up Two Factor Authentication please have a look at the below links:

Disabling Google Two Factor Authentication

  1. Login to ClockOn as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Employee Details
  3. Select the employee 
  4. On the Personal tab click on Disable Google 2FA
  5. Click on Yes to confirm that you are disabling 2FA

You have now disabled the 2FA for this person. Deepening on you set up (Global or elected) you can request for the employee to reset up the 2FA. If it is Global set then you will just need to ask then to log in to the ClockOn Desktop app or the Web Portal and re-set up their 2FA. If the set up is currently elected (NOTE: this is option may be changed in the future) then please login to either the web portal or desktop app and re-enable 2FA.