Recently we have received queries regarding the option for employers to "Stand down" staff for a period of time in which the following applies to the shifts in question

  1. The standdown time is considered as recorded unpaid leave.
  2. The employee will still accrue leave entitlements for the days in question.

For more information\clarification on this please visit the Fairwork link below.

Initial Setup

With the release of ClockOn build 302 we have introduced a new leave type called "Stand Down"

To check you ClockOn version and build please use the guide below

Confirming your ClockOn Version and Build

Once you have this in place you will have the additional leave type in the Leave Categories listing, this can be assigned to timesheets.

For instructions on how to view the leave category screen please follow the guide below

Leave Categories - Adding/Editing

How To Apply For An Employee's Timesheets For Payroll

Once you have confirmed that you are on a build with the stand down leave type, you can apply the leave category to the  timesheets.

Open the timesheet, change the Type field to Leave, then set the Category to the new Stand Down leave type.

If you are not sure with how to setup a leave timesheet please refer to the following article.

Time Sheets - Converting Time Sheets to Leave

After doing this you will see the expected result in that the employee will not be paid for the Stand Down timesheets, however they will still accure leave as per normal.