Depending on your business circumstances you may have a need to restructure and on occasion, this will involve a change to the business's ABN. 

Please be aware that to retain your historical payroll information for your old ABN you will need to run a process to finalise the current setup before commencing payroll for the new ABN within the system.

There are a few steps involved with this process, please see below;

  1. You will need to create a new location within the system, please see the following guide 
    Location Manager - Adding A New Location 

  2. If the employees are being retained under the new ABN you will need to 
    1. Duplicating employees 
    2. Adjusting the new employee's default department to the new location

  3. Next, you will need to terminate the employees within the system 
    1. Mark the old employees for termination
    2. Process employees through their final payroll

  4. As a final step, you will need to finalise the old ABN through STP, this can be done by following the guide below.
    Single Touch Payroll (STP) - EOFY Submission

Important: Please be aware that if the employees have any leave balances, these will need to be copied to the new employees manually unless they are to be paid out as part of the termination process for the old ABN.