Useful update related articles

  1. Confirming your ClockOn Version and Build
  2. Manually Updating ClockOn

Version 5.0.0, Build 308 - Release date 01/07/2020

  • Urgent - Issue Fixed Where Employee YTD figures for the 2020-21 year are being assigned to 2019-20.
    This issue occurs if the following conditions are meet 

       1. A payroll had an end date within the previous financial year AND 
       2. The payroll was processed on or after 01/07/2020.

    If affected, customers will need to roll back the affected payrolls and re-process them to correct this issue.

  • Various Updates to the STP Submissions
    Updates to accommodate new ATO security requirements for Micro customers.

Version 5.0.0, Build 306 - Release date 10/06/2020

  • Urgent - Critical changes to STP. This update needs to be applied prior to the first payroll in the new year.
    Due to updates to STP, this build needs to be applied prior to the first submission in the new financial year to ensure that your records are submitted correctly.

  • Enabled 2020 EOFY and Updated Tax tables
    New tax tables added in preparation for the 2020-2021 financial year.

  • Consolidation of Obsolete Tax Schedules
    Consolidated the tax categories for Financial Support, HECS, and HELP due to the changes relating to the government's changes for the "Study and Training Support Loans" education assistance package.

  • System Preparation for Xero Integration
    Updated ClockOn in preparation for the XERO Payroll Journal integration feature (currently in Beta). 
    If you would like to register to be a part of this process please click here to express your interest.

Version 5.0.0, Build 304 - Release date 20/04/2020

  • Added new fields for the JobKeeper start and finish period dates
    New fields for JobKeeper have been added to the Employee Details form on Category and Dates tab to allow users to quickly set this value without the need for an additional allowance.

  • Added a new allowance Type "JobKeeper Allowance"
    The allowance and deductions screen now shows a new type labeled "JobKeeper Allowance". This is used to preset the specific values that the ATO requires for this type with the exception to the specific amount and whether the employee selects to pay super on this payment.

For more information on these changes please view the JobKeeper Payments article on our knowledge base.

Version 5.0.0, Build 302 - Release date 06/04/2020

  • Added the "Stand Down" leave type
    There is now an additional leave type added to the system to allow customers to stand down employees where they are still entitled to accrue leave during this time. For more detail on this please view the help guide below
    Stand Down Leave.

  • Change to the default setting "Allow Non-Rostered Clock on/off" for new employees
    The option "Allow Non-Rostered Clock on/off" option is now on by default when creating a new employee

  • Backend fixes for STP.

Version 5.0.0, Build 301 - Release date 13/02/2020

  • Fixed system lockup issue on the employee details screen
    This release contains a fix to prevent the re-occurrence of the "AdmRst" error that some users have reported on opening the Employee details screen.

  • Behind the scenes improvements to the MYOB integration system.

Version 5.0.0, Build 300 - Release date 13/01/2020

  • Registration and license limit changes
    This release introduces a change to modify the operation of the licensing system within the product.

    The license buffer of 5 additional users above the purchased limit has been removed and replaced with a one time access to features such as payroll after this point the increase to the registration count is required to continue.

    If you are over your license limit you will now see the following message at payroll

    From there you can either contact our support team at or use the Increase button on the above prompt and completed the details on the Increase Employee Licences webpage to arrange for an adjustment to your license count.

    If you would like to review your listing of employed staff you can run a Licence Count report, please view the guide below on how to generate this report.
    Running the Licence Count Report

  • Corrected an issue with the payment of shift-based overtime after midnight
    Timesheets that meet the requirement for shift-based overtime and had a break that falls after midnight where paying incorrectly as time after the break was being considered as normal time.