The message centre controls all of the messages, alerts, reminders, jobs and single touch payroll jobs in ClockOn.

Accessing the Message Centre

  1. Navigate to the Home tab and click on the Message Centre icon or click on the letter icon in the quick launch menu
  2. You can also access the Message centre from the Rosters Screen (on the View tab)
  3. And from within Payroll too.

Message Centre Notification

If there are and unread or pending messages in the message centre the will be a Red exclamation mark on the Message Centre icon 

Inside the message Centre

From with in the ClockOn message centre you will be able to access:

  1. Messages: Requests can be sent by employees via the Web portal or ClockOn GO to a ClockOn department administrator, who can also send messages back to the employees. These requests can be for unavailability, requesting a shift, requesting leave.  (For more information see: Message Centre - Messages)
  2. Alerts: ClockOn raises Alerts to the Administrator when error conditions in the time sheets warrant attention. (For more information see: Alerts - Viewing and Actioning Alerts)
  3. Reminders: Administrative reminders may be added to the alerts list  (For more information see: Reminders - Adding and Actioning) 
  4. Jobs: Scheduled jobs, such as emailing payslip, notification will be shown here  (For more information see: Checking Emails are sent)
  5. STP Jobs: Responses regarding STP submissions are shown here (For more information see: Single Touch Payroll Messages)

NOTEAuto Alerts relate only to absentees and can be configured in the system setup. An Auto Alert can be emailed to a designated Administrator. System Setup, SMTP Email service is required.