Version, Build 292 - Release date 27/08/2019

  • New Feature: Geo-fencing for use with ClockOn GO.
    This feature allows for the setting of an allowed clock on/off radius to either show where the employee is expected to clock on or to restrict the ability to clock times.
    This feature can be set as a default by location and/or to individual timesheets.

  • New Report: Timesheets (Employee, Actual Break Times)
    This new report shows the actual clocked break length and times for timesheets ignoring the where the break was set on the roster.
    Note: For the report to show the clocked times the break needs to be completed, otherwise the rostered break will show.

  • Fixed an issue within the message center where the reply button was sending messages to the wrong employees.

  • Fixed an issue where companies that were using the branch number option from within the locations screen could not submit their STP for EOFY.

  • Fixed an issue where payrolls generated on a monthly payment cycle were being under taxed if the employee's gross amount ended in 33 cents.

Version, Build 290 - Release date 22/07/2019

  • Correction to the tax schedules for HELP within the 2019/20 financial year.

  • Fixed an issue where the amounts for the union fees were increasing the PAYG gross wage when finalizing through STP for the 2018/19 financial year.

Version, Build 289 - Release date 15/07/2019

  • Fixed an issue with STP relating to employees that received an employee termination payment (ETP) as they were not submitting correctly to the ATO.

  • Fixed an issue with STP where after tax allowances were deducting from the total gross earnings if allocated to the allowances PAYG location.

Version, Build 287

  • Fixed issue with termination ETP payment dates not aligning to correct financial years.

Version, Build 286

  • Added the ability to edit a limited amount employee details post termination.

  • Bug fix to correct issue that prevented redundancies from being able to be submitted through STP.

Version, Build 284

  • Bug fix from the previous release that prevented issues when uploading STP submissions.

Version, Build 283

  • Updated feature: Added the 2019/2020 tax tables.

  • Updated feature: Added an edit button to the employee form to prevent accidental changes to employee details.

  • Fixed issues with calculating tax for employees on monthly.

  • Various changes for STP in preparation for EOFY

  • Bug fixes for employee and department filtering in the message center

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing customers with certain licence types from being able to enroll staff on the finger scanners.

Version, Build 278

  • Updated feature: Enabled the wizard to allow for the generation of PAYG summaries for the year ending 2019.
    This is primarily for customers that are not using STP, or still wish to provide their employees with a direct copy of the report.
    EOFY and PAYG Summaries

  • A fix for an issue with the time based overtime where the option to trigger overtime when over X number hours per day was defaulting back to process per shift instead.

  • Speed improvements and bug fixes for the costing reports when generated from the roster screen.

  • Updates to the ClockOn automated registration system.

Version, Build 272

  • New feature: MYOB timesheet integration.
    This feature expands on the ClockOn Journal Integration system to allow users to submit timesheet information seamlessly from ClockOn to MYOB.
    MYOB Time sheet Submissions using the Integration Wizard

  • Updated feature: Redesign to the department edit screen for a more integrated solution to MYOB
    You now have the ability to enter your department account, tax and job codes from drop-down lists based on your MYOB setup.
    Location Manager - Adding/Editing Department Accounts

  • Fixes for the Message Centre – displaying pending jobs.
    When an email job is created it will now show in the message center as a pending item.

  • Fixes relating to issues with replying to notifications within the message center for ClockOn GO.

Version, Build 267

Version, Build 259

  • Modified the Pay slip A4 (standard, salary formatted) report to combine the salary pay adjustment value to the salary figure.
  • Fix to the scanner enrollment synchronization process where it was not completing if an employee had a card enrolled.

Version, Build 258

  • New feature: Roster publish system.
    This feature allows users to build and cost future rosters without employees being able to view them. Timesheets that have not yet been published are hidden from all parts of ClockOn, including the web portal and ClockOn GO.
    Please see the following guides for information on the setup and usage of this feature;
    Enabling the Roster Publish feature.
    Creating and publishing shifts on the roster screen.

  • Optimization improvements to the finger scan enrollment system for SUPREMA series units.
    Please see the following guides for the usage of the scanners;
    Enrolling employees.
    Removing (Disenroll) enrollments from the scanners.

  • Reduced the number of required finger presses from four to two for SUPREMA series units.

  • Improvements to the scanner enrollment process to show accurate feedback messages to the user.

Version, Build 248

  • A new option added to allow for different overtime conditions to share the same rate rule for when they are to pay brackets.
  • Corrected the public holiday dates for Australia day 2019.